Friday, November 20, 2009

Accuser of The Brethren - Christian Witchcraft

by Pastor K.D. James

{This ministry is NOT connected to or affiliated with SCOAN, the Synagogue Church of All Nations - Nigeria in any way. The opinions and ideas expressed in this blog are those of an individual, Kevin. James and are not an official statement of SCOAN or Prophet T.B. Joshua}.


In the religion of Judaism and in the Hebrew language the name, 'Ha-Satan', means "the Accuser or the Adversary". In ancient Jewish culture names were not chosen at random or by accident. A name is given to an individual to accurately reflect a person's nature, character and conduct. It's important to understand the history behind Biblical names.

In the Book of Revelation 12:10, Satan is called, 'the accuser of the brethren'. When we study another term for Satan used in scripture, the Devil, we discover that it's derived from a Greek word, 'diabolos', which means; 'Slanderer' or 'Accuser.' The word "accuse" is defined as, "(1) to charge with, or declare to have committed a crime, (2) to find at fault; to blame . . ."

Scripture teaches us plainly that Satan is a liar. He is the father of lies and there is no truth in him. (John 8:44) People, if they are not careful can become an instrument used by the devil to carry out his work of slandering our brothers and sisters in Christ. For example; in the Old Testament Job's brethren falsely accused him (4:7-9). The attack on Job came from those who were closest to him, - his own family and dearest friends. In Matthew 12:22-24, the Pharisees falsely accused Jesus of wrongdoing. (Matt. 12:22-24).

A Sign of The Last Days

Among the sins characteristic of the "last days" is that some who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ will become "false accusers" (2 Timothy 3:3). Indeed, there are false brethren who are intentionally attacking God's true servants with malicious lies, slander and misrepresentation.

Since February of 2008, leading newspapers throughout Nigeria have reported on ‘alleged’ moral failures and supposed criminal activities all purported to have been committed by one T.B. Joshua, the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria.

Two individuals in particular, a Theresa Bisola Johnson a former church aid and Mr. Paul Agomoh a former associate minister under T.B. Joshua produced a video entitled, “Deception of the Age” (i.e. “Rise of a Nigerian Anti-christ”.

This video is being sold for $40.00 in some of the largest churches in the region. They assert in their video that their objective is simply to expose T.B. Joshua as a false prophet, a charlatan, and perpetrator of atrocious crimes.

However, we've discovered after months of careful examination of their claims, interviews with first-hand eye witnesses, the evidence proves that the Accuser of the Brethren is at work. Satan himself is working through Christians to slander an innocent man.

Specific Accusations

In the video Bisola Johnson described how she and others endured horrific psychological abuse and cult-like brainwashing. She claims to have been the victim of sodomy and her video co-star Mr. Paul Agomoh claims to have personally witnessed sexual orgies, the molestation of under age children, staged or fake miracles, and other sins, deceptive practices and criminal conduct.

The video entitled, 'Deception of the Ages' was co-produced by well known Pastor Ladi Peters Thompson of Living Waters Unlimited Church, Lagos. He is the individual responsible for reaching out and making contact with mainstream media. He actually broke the story if you will.

Rebellion, Slander and Witchcraft

Let's assume that Pastor Ladi Peters Thompson was sincere in his motives. Let's assume that his motive in going to the media was not self-centered, but merely to warn the people of T.B. Joshua in order to prevent further harm to others.

If that were the case, Peters Thompson should have followed the biblical process for dealing with sin in the camp. When we obey scripture and follow God's instructions we have divine protection and covering. Scripture outlines the process that must be followed to effectively deal with matters of this sort.

  1. II Corinthians 13:1, the church is commanded not to receive an accusation against a man of God unless it is confirmed by two or more eye-witnesses of sound moral character.
  2. Matthew 18:15-17,Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother. 16) But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established. 17) And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.”

By adhering to instructions presented in the Word of God all persons, whether guilty, not guilty and especially the innocent can have their privacy and human dignity protected. Moreover, by doing what scripture teaches we can determine whether or not allegations are true or fabricated. Peters Thompson made a terrible mistake in his decision to ignore scripture.

On a more important note, we must never forget that God's foremost desire is to bring all men to repentance. Jesus Christ died on Calvary for all men - even the most wicked of criminals. No matter how terrible the sin or how wicked the sinner, Jesus Christ is able to deliver ever soul from bondage to sinful habits.

If we approach conflict, sin and strife in the house of God with this mindset, God is free to work through us. He is able move through our words and our actions to motivate the sinner man to confess sin, repent of it and be restored. If we abandon scripture and forsake God's process - souls will remain lost in sin, condemnation, shame and strife will continue in the house of God.

A Christian should never allow personal opinion, rumor or superstition to distract us from our sacred calling which is - to save the lost. The behavior and actions of Peters Thompson, Chris Okotie and other Pentecostal leaders in Nigeria is shameful.

Here are reasons why I make this strong statement:

  • At no time has Pastor Peters Thompson made contact or even attempted to make contact with T.B. Joshua to inquire as to the truthfulness of the video content. (A direct violation of scripture)
  • As of this date (August 13, 2009), Peter Thompson insists that he will not dialogue with T.B. Joshua. Not by telephone, face-to-face or by any other medium. (This demonstrates willful disobedience against the biblical command to seek restoration when strife exists in the house of God).
  • Pastor Peters Thompson states adamantly that he will not review evidence that could clear T.B. Joshua of the allegations. (This proves that Peters Thompson is not in search of the truth).
  • Peters Thompson states on public record that if any such evidence exists it must be fabricated evidence.

This attitude is wrong, ungodly, unfair and in fact - demonic. To willfully reject and rebel against the word of God is witchcraft. One who embraces this attitude is unfit for ministry.

I Samuel 15:23, 'For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.'


The integrity of the two so-called ‘witnesses’ against T.B. Joshua is not credible to say the least. In fact, irrefutable evidence proves conclusively that they have lied on T.B. Joshua. Let's explore the evidence.

  • In 'Deception of the Ages - Part 4', Mr. Paul Agomoh boldly claimed that he purchased wheelchairs, even a specific wheelchair that was used to fake the healing of Maxwell Ijeh. (Forward to frame 5:20 sec.) Agomoh states in the video that Maxwell was manipulated and made to sit in and "pose" as if he was a crippled man.

Facts: Paul Agomoh is a liar! Mr. Maxwell Ijeh and his wife have come forward to testify on record that Agomoh's story is fabricated and untrue. Maxwell Ijeh says the wheelchair was his own personal property. Maxwell Ijeh further states that he was genuinely healed nine years ago after receiving prayer at T.B. Joshua's church. He also states that Jesus Christ alone is his healer, not a man. Maxwell Ijeh states that his wheelchair was not purchased by Paul Agomoh as alleged in the video.

  • Pastor Paul Agomoh alleged that Westerners were duped and manipulated into believing that T.B. Joshua had a 'healing anointing' on his life, when according to Agomoh the healings were fake and staged. This is another unsubstantiated lie of Paul Agomoh.

Fact: Jaco van der Westhuzen, a superstar rugby player from South Africa sought out prayer from T.B. Joshua due to a career threatening leg injury. Immediately after prayer, Jaco was filmed removing his leg brace and proceeded to leap and run without any pain or limitations. He returned to his rugby team and to this day, continues his sports career. Upon returning to South Africa, Jaco van der Westhuzen completed a medical evaluation. This video footage shows Jaco's doctor who standing by his side celebrating that something amazing did occur in the healing of this professional athlete. (Forward to frame 3.35 sec).

Fact: A delegation of respected clergy from the USA and Canada visited the Synagogue Church of All Nations to observe first-hand T.B. Joshua preach and pray for the sick. Among this delegation were Bishop Joseph Garlington of Philadelphia-USA, Pastor John Arnott of Toronto, Canada, Missionaries Rolland and Heidi Baker of Iris Ministries and others.

They carefully listened to his messages, they interviews individuals whom T.B. Joshua prayed for and thereafter claimed were healed. I have posted video footage of their findings. The evidence is clear. People were in fact healed after prayer. This is not opinion, speculation or guess work - is is fact. According to their reports T.B. Joshua make it abundantly clear that he is not a healer, but it is the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through the believer that produces the miracles. It is faith in the matchless name of Jesus Christ and confidence in God's ability to honor His promises in scripture.

These facts underscore the importance of why we must obey scripture and hear both sides of the story. This sacred responsibility can not be ignored or forsaken.

The female in the video, one Theresa Bisola Johnson who claimed that T.B. Joshua sexually abused her is untrustworth to say the least. Listen and watch the following video:

  • In this video footage we hear Bisola Johnson confession from her own mouth that she is an ‘emere’ (witch) on assignment to destroy the ministry of T.B. Joshua.


Failure to obey the Word of God is rebellion, disobedience and according to scripture - it is witchcraft. To bear false witness against a innocent brother or sister in Christ is to avail oneself to become an agent of demonic forces.

In my next report I will cover the allegations made by one; Pastor Chris Okotie of Household of God Church in Oregun-Lagos.

  • He alleges that T.B. Joshua has the spiritual ability to vacate his physical body at night and manifest himself in the home of his church parishioners or his enemies.
  • According to Pastor Chris Okotie, T.B. Joshua did in fact can appear as a 'familiar spirit' in his home using such spiritual powers. (Source: Christian Online Magazine)
  • Pastor Chris Okotie alleges that he has reason to believe that T.B. Joshua is a practitioner of 'docetic gnosticism'. He says that this is the source of T.B. Joshua's demonic spiritual powers.

Fact: Docetic Gnosticism is a belief held by ancient Greeks of 70A.D. to 100 A.D. It taught that Jesus Christ was not physically raised from the dead, but was an illusion. (Source; Wikipedia Encyclopedia) Docetism died out in approximately 100 A.D. It has nothing to do with occultism, spiritual or mystical arts. Therefore, its' impossible for T.B. Joshua or anyone in our lifetime to study or practice docetic gnosticism.

Pastor Chris Okotie is obviously a poor student of Gnosticism and bible history. Should we even waste time entertaining his belief that T.B. Joshua has the power to leave his body at night and appear in a physical form as a Familiar Spirit? Where is the proof? Where are witnesses other than than the accuser? I don't buy that fabricated story for one moment.

There is no evidence whatsoever to prove that allegation. It is based on superstition, myth and folklore. I am compelled to believe that Chris Okotie has other motives for coming against T.B. Joshua. This investigation will certainly be continued.

By the way, I paid a visit to Mr. Okotie's church website - He sure looks very sharp in that wonderful suit, but the name of Jesus Christ is not even featured on his website.

There is not a one sentence on the saving grace and love of Christ anywhere to be found. Can a reader please encourage this man to get his priorities and his message in order?

Late this year Pastor Okotie accused Pastor Christ Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Ministries to have received his powers to heal the sick from T.B. Joshua. Everyone in Nigeria knows this is untrue. Pastor Oyakhilome has been praying for the sick long before T.B. Joshua's rise to fame. Wake up church! The lies and slander must stop.

The umbrella body of Pentecostals has banned miracle crusades from being telecast on Nigerian T.V. What a shame!

Not only is this move in direct opposition to the work of the Holy Spirit, it makes a statement to the whole world. It is an announcement to the world that 'Pentecostals', do not have the same Spirit and power of Pentecost as our name suggests. It is a statement which says, the Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead according to Romans 8:11 - is not present in Nigerian Christian leaders.

Wake up church of Nigeria! Pray for your church pastors. Pray for a mighty revival of God's power to invade your beloved country and then, STAND UP for truth, honesty and Godly integrity.


  1. I sent this letter out to Pastor Chris Okotie but to this date I have not received a response. I will resend it for another week or two and also follow up with telephone calls. Just as our Lord is patience and long suffering, I am too. It is not my desire to smear the name of Chris Okotie, but to get at the truth. He is being given fair and reasonable opportunities to reply.


  3. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. I am happy you know the truth. Please search "Beware of Blasphemers" on youtube. This is a video response from The SCOAN. Remain Blessed!

  4. Pastor James I would like to congratulate you on doing a thorough research before coming to your conclusions. Bisola Johnson has successfully deceived many into believing her lies and we thank God that there are pastors out there who investigate and make sure of all things before holding fast to that which is true. I see she even had the audacity to contact you to try and convince you of her lies. I quote her, "SIR, KNOW THAT ONE DAY WE SHALL ALL STAND BEFORE OUR CREATOR AND GIVE ACCOUNT OF WHAT WE DID IN THE FLESH".If she knew how true this is, she wouldn't use scriptures to try to convince others of her lies, she would repent and beg for forgiveness!

    God bless you sir

  5. I almost belived this woman's lies!!the I saw the link when she gets exposed on you Tube "Beware of Blasphemers". no wonder why she wont even look straight in the camera telling those lies!!

  6. thank you.
    but here it is everywhere, the spirit of accusation. any pastor who is perfoming a miracle is seen a deceiver.
    what can we do, to knw the truth.??

  7. thank you.
    but here it is everywhere, the spirit of accusation. any pastor who is perfoming a miracle is seen a deceiver.
    what can we do, to knw the truth.??

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    Professor Ouweneel holds doctorates in biology (Utrecht), philosophy (Amsterdam) and theology (Bloemfontein, RSA).
    He is currently a theology and philosophy professor at several colleges and theological faculties. He is the author of over 100 books. He lives in the Netherlands, where he was born.
    10 August 2002
    I come from a Brethren background and not a charismatic background. So naturally I was a bit reluctant to go to Nigeria, but my daughter went there several times and she gave me the message that T.B. Joshua was interested in seeing me, although she had not told him anything about me. So I went there twice, once for five days in March 2002, and once for ten days in June 2002, and I hope to go there again in October 2002.
    I was very much impressed by what I saw, heard and experienced there. Not so much only in seeing the miracles that happened and the sermons that were given, but particularly the spiritual experience in my own soul when I was there. That is something that everyone who doesn't go there in person will miss. You will not experience personally what it is to be at such a sacred place where I felt the Lord's presence in a particular way and where He spoke to me on things that He had not spoken on to me previously in such a powerful way.
    Another thing that people will not experience if they don't go there is what kind of person T.B. Joshua is in himself. I had the opportunity of several indepth conversations with him. People who don't go there will also not notice the spiritual atmosphere of the meetings and the godly impact that he has on people who are there. I was there with a Dutch group and I spoke with the other guests who were there, all of whom were very touched. To me this was a tremendous experience.
    I may have my question marks on certain things that happened there because I don't understand them; I am a European and not an African. I have question marks on certain things in his sermons. But having questions is very different from having major criticisms that would condemn the man and his ministry altogether. Besides, some of those questions have been answered in the meantime to my full satisfaction.
    I have seen many of the criticisms on websites and in newspapers and am very angry with some of the criticisms as they are totally unfair and just repeating the mistakes (or even lies) others have made. They are people who are not in a position to really judge, people who pick on certain sentences in sermons which they do not understand in the African context and in the context of the rest of his ministry. That is a very cheap way of criticizing. It reminds me very strongly on what the Pharisees did who judged the Lord Jesus from their own framework of thought and put him in the category of the devil (Matthew 12).

    Willem J. Ouweneel

  11. There is a place right now, where people of all nationalities meet. They come from Russia, UK, America, Africa, Britian, France, etc.

    The true power of the spirit world is demonstrated in its purest form.
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    I have seen everyone with psychological disorders healed very rapidly.
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