Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shame on Pastor Chris Okotie!

An Open Letter to Pastors; Chris Okotie and Ladi Thompson of Nigeria

{This ministry is not connected to or affiliated with the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) of Nigeria. The opinions expressed on this blog are exclusively those of Pastor Kevin James }

In preparing my comments for publication, I first spent a significant amount of time in prayer. I love my two brothers in Christ - those being, Chris Okotie and Peters Ladi Thompson, both of whom are pastors residing in Nigeria, Africa.

It is not my desire to slander their name or taint their ministry. It is my foremost desire to see brotherly kindness, justice, fairness and truth prevail in their treatment of pastor/prophet T.B. Joshua.

Libel and Slander

Pastor Chris Okotie made a number of public comments to Nigerian newspapers and other media sources expressing displeasure with respected Pastor Chris Oyakilhome.

In his statements to media Okotie was not pleased that a respected pastor such as Chris Oyakilhome would associate with one T.B. Joshua.

When I read Okotie's comments I was personally saddened and in fact grieved in my spirit because it was clear that Chris Okotie was intentionally stirring up strife and division within the precious and sacred community of believers in Jesus Christ.

Here the points of concern:

  1. Okotie, you allege that T.B. Joshua is a practitioner an occult science called Docetic Gnosticism and Cerinthian heresy. {Reference source; paragraph 3 of your letter}. Your belief is an inaccurate statement and has no basis in fact or truth.
  2. Docetic Gnosticism was an ancient Greek spiritual belief system during A.D. 70 through A.D. 100.{Click the hyperlink for reference sources.}
  3. This particular group asserted that Jesus Christ did not rise physically from the grave as foretold by the Old Testament prophets, eye-witnessed by the apostles and recorded in scripture.
  4. It should be noted that Docetic Gnosticism faded away into history around A.D. 100.
  5. It is therefore impossible for T.B. Joshua or any person in our lifetime to have studied or practiced Docetic Gnosticism because there are no materials available today.
  6. Docetic gnosticism has no connection whatsoever to the occult or dark mystical arts. {See; Wikipedia Encyclopedia}
  7. Not one bible scholar can not identify a connection between Docetic Gnosticism and ‘shamanism’ as Chris Okotie has alleged.

All seven (7) points listed above are historical facts. They are not my opinions or beliefs.

Chris Okotie has therefore knowingly published false and misleading accusations against T.B. Joshua. As a man of the cloth is would be proper and honorable if he would apologize and make public retraction.

Cerithian Heresy

Pastor Chris Okotie, you went further to allege that T.B. Joshua he is involved with ‘Cerithian heresy’. {Paragraph 3 of your letter}.

This is another inaccurate statement and has no basis in fact. Cerinthus, was a Greek heretic (A.D. 100), who denied the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. According to Cerinthus, Jesus Christ was not born of a virgin as scripture plainly declares.

Cerinthus also believed that during the future millennial reign of Christ inhabitants of the earth would be in bondage to certain lust. {Reference Source: ‘The New Complete Works of Josephus page 103, authors, William Winston and Paul L. Maier}

Chris Okotie you have once again tried to deceive the public by misrepresenting Cerithian heresy in efforts to smear the good name of T.B. Joshua. You did this through blatant lies and fabrication.

Do The Right Thing - Repent

okotie Pastor Chris Okotie, I will assume that you are a God-fearing man man of unquestionable integrity. I will also assume that you are a humble man who would never seek to harm an innocent person or slander a man’s character unjustly.

If my assumptions are correct, then certainly you will not take issue with retracting incorrect statements? It will demonstrate Godly integrity, grace and honor.

Please understand, I am not asking you to change your opinion of T.B. Joshua. You’ve made it perfectly clear that you despise the man. That is your choice. Continue despising him all you wise.

I am simply asking you to make a retraction of your inaccurate, erroneous, false and misleading statements. Why should I waste my time and demand proof of T.B. Joshua's alleged involvement in sorcery or witchraft? Your own statements prove that your entire story is fabricated.

In paragraph four (4) of your allegations against T.B. Joshua, you made some very disturbing statements. I will quote from your letter;

He {T.B. Joshua} has three symbols of mysticism. The first is called "The Head of Jesus Christ" or "Christ". This is a reference to the source of his power. That power is invoked or acknowledged by the word, "Emmanuel". When "Emmanuel" is chanted, it energizes' the power. The scriptures say that the head of Christ is God. So when Joshua 'refers to that head, he is speaking of himself as God Incarnate.’

Do you expect an intelligent, God-fearing Christian to believe that an evil man can boss Jesus Christ around? Sorry, I don’t buy that idea and neither will other Christians who know their God.

No matter how many times a sinner, a witch or charlatan chants the name ‘Emmanuel’, God will not ‘energize’ that wicked soul as you claim. It won’t happen.

T.B. Joshua cannot be ‘energized’ to heal the sick or work miracles through people invoking the name - Emmanuel. Christ Jesus can not be deceived or manipulated by an evil man.

Please clarify your beliefs in this regard or retract your statement altogether.

In the Book of Acts chapter 19, the seven sons of Sceva tried to use the name of Christ to perform miracles and cast out demons. But we see that they failed miserably. The demonic forces stripped the men of their clothing and beat them up physically. No one can manipulate the name of God or abuse His power for evil purposes.

The facts are clear:

You, Chris Okotie, have knowingly and maliciously slandered the name of T.B. Joshua by publishing with unfounded allegations that he is involved in occult practices. You are intentionally slandering an innocent man.

Do the right thing and clear up this mess!